Sunday, December 09, 2007

Still playing

Last week was devastating. I had a 5 unit ML play and a 5 unit teaser all tied to the Washington Redskins beating Buffalo, but Joe Gibbs and Jason Campbell found a way to F it up.

Jason Campbell ( Aka butterfingers) fumbles at least once a game, and still throws picks in that screen pass offense he runs. The entire game Soloman Wilcots was sucking him off, talking about how good Campbell has looked all year and the booth was basically rooting for the Redskins. After Trent Edwards marched down the field and won the game, the announcers sounded dejected. Campbell in year 3 doesn't impress me... Edwards in year 1 looks like he COULD be the answer in Buffalo because Losman certainly isn't.

I did also end up losing a measly 1 unit on the Colts/Redskins straight up as well, but that doesn't bother me.

My futures on Seattle/Tampa instantly went from 50/1, to 40/1 and 35/1 within a week! How do you like that value? Not only are they appreciating, but Seattle plays their last tough game this week, and Tampas schedule is a joke. Both teams should be hosting a playoff game in a weak NFC where anything can happen.

Rams @ Cincy -9.5 ( 1 unit)

Are you kidding me? Brock Berlin might be starting. The Rams injury list is a freaking joke. There defense actually has improved some ( their talent level isn't pure crap), but they do give up the big plays. The team is known to crap the bed on the road and outdoors. They only average 11 points on the road and 6.5 on the field turf. Not only that but their defense gives up 25 ppg on the road. Even if Bulger plays, how well will he play with that concussion? Do you expect the Bengals to go easy on him? Brock Berlin is not NFL material and I hope he proves it today.

I had to laugh though, I was watching the Seahawks/Rams game and JC Pearman the dumb announcer was talking about how Torry Holt and Issac Bruce weren't fast, were old, not that good anymore and that the Rams needed some young fresh legs that could stretch the defense. Are you kidding me? Look, they aren't the best WR tandem ever, but how many teams have better? How many quarterbacks would kill to have Hold/Bruce/Bennett? JC Pearman starts talking college football ( he doesn't even know pro) and every week he is arguing that Oregon, or Missouri or some other team deserves to be in the title game. He argues they are underrated and deserve it, and then they lose.

On the other side I have Carson Palmer. I haven't bet the Bengals very often because of their piss poor defense and coaching staff, but if Brock Berlin is indeed getting the start, that makes me feel a lot better. Getting back Rudi and Chris Henery should give Carson some weapons, and the Bengals have a "smart offense" that can execute and make big plays on the Rams mistake-laden defense.

I like the Seahawks -7 as well and I think they would make a good teaser with the Bengals but I want to lay off the Teasers today.

I also think the Pats will cover later and I might go Indy. I want to see how this first game goes. I'd rather pick the low hanging fruit first ( especially after last week).

I know I pissed away a lot of winnings the past 2 weeks ( thanks to the Deadskins), but that is nothing compared to the huge NFL futures (110 units) that I would win if the Patriots win the SB as they should.

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