Sunday, December 16, 2007


Thanks Chad Johnson for dropping the game tying touchdown. Yeah, keep complaining and acting pissed off but it is YOUR fault for not catching the ball. NO, those catches weren't easy, but if you want to dance around the end zone and be the best, you have to make those plays.

I fault the hell out of Marvin Lewis too. The announcers kept giving Shaun Hill praise, but what does that tell you? Shaun Hill didn't call even 1 audible and ran the most basic offense ( it would have been so easy to defend). It also helped him that the 49ers were ripping off at least 4 or 5 yards on every first down. Bryant Gumbel called Frank Gore "Al Gore" again, and I can't believe Marshall Faulk was praising Shaun Hill etc. without pointing out who he was playing and that he was running basic stuff. Alex Smith wasn't as successful but he wasn't running tight end bootlegs against the Bengals all year either.

Tampa -13 ( 1 unit)
Pitt -3 ( 2 units) bought hook
GB/SEA Tease ( West coast offense tease)( 2 units)

- Tampa bay is fixing up for the playoffs while Atlanta is fixing up for NFL draft position. I honestly think the Falcons are one of those situations where the players already quit. Not quit quit, but they don't care anymore. I don't really see how the Falcons will muster anything up against the Bucs defense. 13 points is a lot, but if the Falcons aren't scoring much and moving the ball, the Bucs can point up enough points to cover. Nobody the Falcons could start scares me, and there is such a thing as a "defensive led blowout". 13 sounds like a lot, but what about a 28-14 score? That isn't a blowout. I think the Bucs win and cover.

Pitt -3. Before this season started I said one of the plays I would look for is playing the Steelers at home. They are just flat out better at home and their 7-0 undefeated record supports that. The Jags are not a bad team at all but I think their offense is really raw. Both teams sport good defenses but I like the Pittsburgh offense and special teams better ( even on a neutral field) never mind at home.

I don't like a teaser with two road teams but GB is 10-2 against the spread and they should at least beat the Rams. Favre has had trouble in domes, but even a little bit of trouble shouldn't matter against the Lambs. Bulger is coming back from getting his head knocked around and will be facing a legit Packers D.

Seattle has been on a roll and I expect their momentum to continue. They are playing at 1pm on the east coast but I fully expect them to be fine against whoever the Panthers throw out at QB.

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