Sunday, January 13, 2008

ADD: Indy, 2nd Half -7.5 (+110) 2.5 units

The refs are clearly favoring Indy as SD should be winning this game 14-10. This game is being horribly officiated, but I see Indy coming through and playing better in the second half.

- Early Indy interception the corner clearly didn't have possession before he was out of bounds.
- Bob Sanders could have easily been ejected for tauting Nate Kaeting after the missed kick.
- Norv was livid from the bad call on the play before that.
- SD #32 delivered a powerful AND LEGAL block on Indy at the end of the half on the Cromartie Int that was called back.
- There was also a play where Phillip Rivers scrambled out of bounds and then then Indy defender took a super cheap shot and dove onto the back of his legs when he was about 3 yards out of bounds. Rivers got up pissed and complained for the flag.
- To top it off, I have never seen Norv Turner with this much emotion. The refs are clearly favoring Indy and are taking this game right away from him. It should be at least 14-10 SD.

With all that said, I think Indy plays better in the second half as the chargers could be real "frustrated". I wouldn't blame them. Indy -7.5 second half.

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