Saturday, January 05, 2008

Playoffs 07/08

The Regular season wasn't all it was cracked out for me. I lost some hard games and pissed away a 25 unit lead. I did get a chance to watch a lot of games but I changed jobs and had a lot of stuff going on. The regular season was my worst I have ever had and it was pretty much a wash. That isn't so bad. However I do have some heavy ammo for the playoffs.

NFL futures
Eagles to win SB 42, 12.5 units to win 450 Units ( 35/1 odds)( worthless)
Patriots to win SB 42, 2.5 units to win 32.5 Units ( 12/1 odds)
Patriots to win SB 42, 11 units to win to win 110 Units ( 10/1 odds)
2 units on Seattle Seahawks futures to win the Super Bowl, Payout of 150 Units
2 units on Tampa Bay futures to win the Super Bowl. Payout of 150 units

The Eagles didn't really have their worst case scenerio but pretty close to it. With that being said they were still just 1 game away from the playoffs and me hedging at least my money back.

The Pats look good and the only team I am really scared of in the playoffs is the colts. I'd expect about a 6 point spread for the Pats and I would look to hedge some. I am not really scared of anybody else.

The seattle futures appreciated and I at least expect them to beat the redskins, and I will let the Bucs ride in the first round too ( even though I think the Giants have a real good shot). I would look to hedge these guys in the 2nd round.

The regular season didn't go perfect, but with Pats futures with a payout of 142.5 units I stand a chance to make a LOT of money.

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