Friday, February 22, 2008

News & Notes

- Dolphins release Zack Thomas ( Saints/Pats interested)
- Falcons release Alge Crumpler ( Seattle interested )
- Panthers release Dan Morgan, Deshaun Foster
- Arizona released Terrence Holt
- Giants release rookie Craig Dahl ( but the rest of the draft class is beast)

- Titans franchise tag Albert Haynesworth
- Cowboys franchise tag Ken Hamlin ( so Flozel "hotel" Adams will be a FA)
- Seattle franchise tags Marcus Trufant
- Packers franchise tag Corey Williams
- Raiders franchise tag Asomugha

- Patriots did NOT Franchise tag Randy Moss or Asante Samuel
- Cleveland Browns resign Jamal Lewis
- NY Giants bring back Lawrence Tynes

- Parcells will run the struggiling Miami Dolphins
- Dom Capers to coach in New England
- Kevin Gilbride brought back in NY
- Coughlin will get an extension in NY

- Troy Williamson wants out of Minnesota
- Chad Johnson in trade rumors with Washington
- Deangelo Hall in trade rumors with the Giants for the 31st pick
- Keshaun Johnson might come out of retirement to be a Dolphin
(notice the rumors are mostly of unhappy WR's and DB's)

Projected Cap Room
Miami Dolphins 44 M
Jacksonville 42 M
Buffalo 39.4 M
Titans 39.2 M
Saints 39.2 M

Teams over the cap

I was watching the Senior Bowl and a couple things stuck out to me.
- I love Mike Mayock in the booth calling the game. His in depth scouting/analysis might not be for the casual fan, but I really appreciate a guy who really knows the game calling the game without the mindless cliches.
- Mike Nolan said that one of the advantages of coaching the college allstar game is "seeing who does what he is supposed to do". That sounds like a reasonable thing to say, but then you consider it is coming from a power hungry arrogant Mike Nolan and it REALLY makes sense. I don't like Mike Nolan and he truly is one of the poorer head coaches in the league.

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