Sunday, April 27, 2008

New York Giants draft

What would the Giants ideally want to draft ?
S - Last year the Giants had a border line Pro Bowl S, and then James Butler was a below average safety. Michael Johnson last years 6th round pick shows some promise as he was a strong tackler and they did bring in an aged Sammy Knight but the Giants needed a S.
OLB - Sometimes people go crazy that when a team losses a player that they feel that team HAS to draft a player there. The Giants lost LT Luke last year and promoted from within and they lost RB Tiki and promted from within. I feel like GM Jerry Reese and I were the only ones that felt the Giants were JUST FINE. I think that Gerris Wilkerson will step in just fine into WILL LB with his speed and insticts that he showed off late in the year last year.
WR - Plax is still solid, but Toomer is getting old and dropped a lot of balls last year. Eli was looking at throwing to Plax, Shock and Toomer for much of last year because Moss and Smith were hurt. I like adding another WR to the mix.
CB - Sam Madison is getting older, Webster has been hurt, and you can never have enough good corners. Aaron Ross was a good find, but you really need 3 starting corners in the NFL today, and corner depth was a concern last year.
BPA - You are always looking for the Best Player available because the NFL is so dynamic and we operate under salary cap constraints.

RD 1 - Kenny Phillips - Miami is known for being an NFL safety factory and people compare him to Sean Taylor and Ed Reed, two pro bowlers. Not only was he probably the best safety on the board, but the fills and immediate need for the Giants. If I were Jerry Reese in that draft room, I would have picked Phillips myself. Compare to - Ed Reed
RD 2 - Terrell Thomas - Certain players have more value to certain teams. The Giants had the #1 pass rush in the NFL last year and getting a physical beat em up corner figures well with a team that will press and play man. He might not have had as much value to other teams, and he has an added bonus that he might even be able to kick out to safety as he is a physical guy. Compare to a young Troy Vincent
Rd 3- Mario Manningham - Here is a guy that could have easily been the 1st WR in the class picked. His draft stock falling was well documented, but the Giants really got 1st round talent for the end of the 3rd round price. Mario has something to prove, and he might not have ran a hot 40, but he has GAME speed. He was very productive in college, and will get the opportunities to play in a passing offense in NY opposite Plax. If Mario works out, then not only does he fill a need, but he was tremendous value at the position and could MAKE this a very good draft for the Giants. Compare to Issac Bruce
Rd 4 - Bryon Kehl - 4 year starter at BYU, was recruited by Harvard and Yale. The Giants like having "smart" linebackers. Antionio Pierce is a heady player, Zack Deossie was Ivy league, Gerris Wilkerson was a team captain who played 5 positions in college. I guess "smarts' turn into instincts and not making mental errors. It is especially important in a more complex blitzing scheme where people have to be on the same page.
Rd 5 - Jonathan Goff - I would have liked if the Giants took a OLB earlier, but taking 2 in the middle rounds seems like a good option. Along the same themes as Gerris Wilkerson and Kehl, Goff was a team captain for 2 years and the "best player on his team". The Giants went this route with Barry Coefield too as he was the best player on a not very good northwestern team. Goff did play in the SEC and was a leader. He comes from a smart family and I like Kehl, Goff and Deossie backing up at LB and playing ST.
Andre Woodson - Woodson was a player to watch coming into college football this year. He turned scouts off late in the year but did manage to beat LSU the Nat Champs. I don't like his delivery and accuracy, but in round 5 I would rather draft Woodson than say Josh Johnson who was playing against terrible competition. I guess ideally we want to pull a Matt Schaub situation where some other team likes Woodson and we eventually trade this 5th round backup for a 2nd rounder etc.
Robert Henderson - The Giants final two picks went to QB and DE which are 2 of the 4 or 5 most important positions. QB, WR, LT, DE and CB. The Giants front office obviously "gets it". Look at that draft last year, it was quietly fantastic. You aren't going to always have a wonderful draft, but if you keep getting positive risk/reward, you will have a lot more good ones than bad ones. Just look at the strong front offices of the NFL, New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indy, Philly, " now San Diego", and the Giants. Life is a whole lot easier when you don't have to pick a QB or DE at the top of the draft every year. The Giants already have the hard positions, now they are focusing on CB, WR and needs. Jerry Reese gets an A+ from me thus far.

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