Sunday, April 27, 2008

NFL Draft

Some picks I liked
#4 - Glen Dorsey. The Chiefs get maybe the 1st or 2nd best player in the draft at the 4 slot. This guy will control his gap and be a cog to slow down opposing rush offenses.

#15- Brandon Albert. The Chiefs addressed their D line and their O line in round 1. A right guard might not be the most important position on the field but Albert should be a very good player with lower bust-ability. Remember when the Cheifs line was dominant with Roaf and Brian Waters. Bringing in possibly a pro bowl Guard and DT should build up the lines inside.

#21 Sam Baker - This guy will help build the Falcons line. He could quietly be a very good tackle in this league.

#31 - Kenny Phillips. Call me a homer but Phillips was said to have Sean Taylors body with Ed Reeds insticts and intelligence. Miami is Safety U. The Giants had 1 real good safety last year and 1 really bad one. They lost Gibril Wilson and had nothing. Not only should Phillips be the best S in the draft, but he is filling in a gaping hole ( even if they kept Wilson they still needed another safety).

#47 - Trevor Laws - A high motor, productive guy from ND. He might never be a dominant guy, but I think there is a much better chance he is a strong player than a bust. He will be thrown into that rotation in Philly immediately.

#53 - Limas Sweed - I still remember Sweed from his sophomore year. This guy has the prototype size and he will be a strong NFL player.

Jags- Bringing in two big time DE's
Redskins - Bringing in two big time WRs
Giants - Bringing in two big time secondary guys
Patriots - Bringing in two big time linebackers

- Sometimes teams have such a need, that they target a position and go after it. Do you remember when the Giants needed a corner and they brought in Will Allen in round 1, and William James in round 3? Sometimes teams really want to make sure they "cured" their problem, and sometimes they honestly do so much scouting at a position that they are hedging their bets with players they are familiar with. In the Giants case, the 3rd round pick ended up working out better than the 1st rounder. Sometimes people question a team that keeps drafting at the same position, but sometimes it is a very logical thing to do.

#74 Dan Connor - Connor is a beast, he might have been a 3rd round pick but he will be a solid starter in this league. He is probably more athletic ( although less instict-ual) than 1st round teammate Paul Puz last year.

#78 Shawn Crable - Just look at how this guy fits into his uniform, he is a beast. Crable played in a big time program, has the height, weight and all of the measure ables and he does make his presence felt on the field. The Patriots brought in youth at LB and BB will make it work.

#82 - Dejuan Morgan - The Chiefs continue their strong draft with a guy many rated as the #1 or #2 best safety. Looking back years from now, they could end up with the best DT, RG, and S in the draft.

#86 Tom Zibikowski - Not only do I like him as a bad ass player, but he ends up with a good defensive team with good people around him that will make it work. He could be the next John Lynch, only an angrier version.

#92 - Cliff Avril - I liked how he worked out. He is a big strong guy that should be a solid SAM LB. He might not be a big flashy guy we talk about years from now, but he will be a solid starter to go in there and fight for you.

#118 - Xavier Adabi - I notice that a lot of these picks I like are on the defensive side of the ball. Adabi was at one time thought to be a late 1st rounder before the combine. The thing I like about bringing in youthful defense/speed is that they can contribute right away. QB/WR's usually take time to develop ( maybe 3 years) where as some of these linebackers can play special teams and fill in for injury this year, and maybe start next year. Houston is building up that front 7 with 1st round lineman, Ryans, and now Adibi.

#137 - John David Booty - For a risk reward perspective, I like JDB in the 5th round more than the Vikings current starter Tavaras Jackson in round 2. I would rather have JDB in round 5, than Chad Henne in round 2, or Flacco in round 2. JDB might not have as strong as an arm as Henne or Flacco, but he has a much quicker release, and he did play big time college football with a big time college coach.

#161 - Marcus Howard - The Colts didn't have a ton of picks, but bringing in a big time SEC speedster in the 5th round is a risk that I would be willing to take when you play on that flat surface dome.

#163 - Owen Schmidtt - He broke 10 face masks. Nuff said

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