Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NFL Trouble makers

Mike Vick
Pacman Jones
Chris Henry

My take is that Mike Vick will never play in the NFL. He is a PR nightmare with the dogs and by the time he takes off that orange jump suit he won't have that only competitive advantage he had (speed). Just think of some team signing him and having their fans protest the former quarterback. Mike Vick isn't the team player kind of guy that will ever want to be a backup, and he really isn't better than that. No team is going to invest big money into him, and he is too lazy to work hard and make himself a better player. He is done to the NFL and his career will go down as a joke. People will always argue " what could have been". I was against Vick since day one and I hate to say I told you so.

Pacman Jones is the most talented of these three. He also probably has the worst rap sheet. The guy has been involved with police over 10 times and spanning through his HS, college, and pro days. I think there are many worse things in life than getting caught smoking weed, but beating a guy with a pool stick in West Virginia in a bar fight, and then a night in Vegas almost killing a bouncer is WAY past the line. " Making it rain" and a paralysed security guard is horrible but sadly some team needing corner help will give him a 12th " second chance".

Chris Henry has been getting arrested over and over. He is probably the best citizen of the three, but I think his career is over too. HE is one of the main reasons why the Bengals were trying to draft " character guys". Chris is no model citizen but he kept getting in trouble over and over again and is somewhat of a scapegoat. I think he will be black balled from the league but there is a slight chance some team needing WR help brings him in on a short leash.

Vick = Done
Pac Man = some team will give him a 12th second chance
Chris Henry = done ( Mayyyyyyybe some team gives him a 2nd chance and a short leash).

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