Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brett Favre

Brett Favre has dominated the headlines for weeks now. Initially I thought Tampa and Minnesota were the ideal destinations. Minnesota because that team seems to have everything in place except for their very weak quarterback Tavaras Jackson. Tampa has a contending team as well, a West Coast offense, Southern city, and the obvious connection with Jon Gruden. Minnesota was a hard place to go because you don't want to trade within division, so I would have guessed Tampa or bust for Favre. Favre went to the Jets.

I don't like Favre to the Jets at all as I would have much rather seen him a Buc.

The Jets team isn't nearly as talented as his GB team.
O-Line - I do like that they brought in Faneca ( a top notch guy) at guard, I like Nick Mangold and D'Brick to mature so his line should be better than what the Jets had last year.
RB- I actually like Thomas Jones and think he is an underrated player. If you put Jones and Leon Washington together behind a decent line, their rushing attack shouldn't be bad.
WR- Coles is a good receiver and I feel a lot of people outside the Fantasy football world don't appreciate J. Cotchery. The two starting receivers aren't bad, and now Fave could have a legit TE threat with his rookie keller out of Purdue. Bubba Franks was a decent player, but Keller is a speedy TE that can stretch the field. The Jets have also had a WR Clowney look real good in preseason. All in all, the offensive talent isn't that bad.

The run defense was terrible last year finishing 29th only to Denver, Miami and Oakland. The Jets have tried to bulk up the D by adding Gholston and Calvin Pace to David Harris' line backing core, and Kris Jenkins at NT.

The Jets certainly look better than a 4-12 team, but they figure to have an easy schedule this year. I still 100% do NOT think the Jets will make the playoffs and I wonder why Favre would come to this rebuilding team. Maybe he thinks they will clean up with that easier schedule?

The AFC could have division winners, NE, Pitt, Indy, and SD which would leave 2 remaining playoff spots left. That would mean that the Jets would have to finish 2nd out of the following to make the playoffs... Jax, Tenn, Hou, Den, Bal, Cincy, Cle, KC.

Now I know that there is a lot of fan interest in NY now for the Jets, but don't get carried away. Even with the easier schedule they still might not even finish 4th or 5th in that list.

Brett Favre has about 27 days to learn all of the Jets playbook and teammates, and that is a very difficult task to take on. I would love to place a bet in Las Vegas right now that says that the Jets will NOT make the playoffs as there are too many new pieces, too strong of a conference, and too many things to go wrong.

Brett Favre will have the entire NY media second guessing every interception he throws, and I hope for his sake there aren't a lot. My guess is that Favre plays this year, and next year and helps bring the Jets into the new stadium when Kellen Clemens could finally take over. If he wanted to play 3 or 4 more years, he has the physical tools to do so, but my guess is that he will give the Jets a shot for 2 years but with retirement talk after this year :)

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