Sunday, August 10, 2008

Giants Trade Shockey

The Giants drafted Jeremy Shockey in the middle of the first round and enjoyed 6 productive seasons out of him. After 6 years they traded him away for a 2nd and 5th rounder. Sounds like a great deal to me.

02' = 15 games, 74 catches, 894 yards, 2 TD
03' = 9 games, 48 catches, 535 yards, 2 TD
04' = 15 games, 61 catches, 666 yards, 6 TD
05' = 15 games, 65 catches, 891 yards, 7 TD
06' = 15 games, 66 catches, 623 yards, 7 TD
07' = 14 games, 57 catches, 619 yards, 3 TD

A couple of points here...
- Shockey was not only a pass catcher who could stretch the field, he was also one of the top blocking tight ends in the league.
- I always felt like Shockey was a spark plug that helped, "turn things around" in 2002. His catches and reckless running style was fun to watch, but I could live without the childish penalties.
- Not only did the Giants use Shockey for 6 years, they got to use probably the BEST 6 years of his career because once he turns 30 you can expect some productivity decline.
- The Giants also had Shockey play on his cheaper rookie contract.

If you could draft a player, get 6 productive years and then trade him away for a decent package worth almost as much... that is good.

Now a lot of Giants fans are complaining, because Kevin Boss filled in ok, but he is a downgrade. I agree, however let's look at this a little differently.

What if the Giants aren't going to play a TE as much? What if we see more...
3 WR, 1FB, 1HB
4WR, 1 HB

The Giants have a number of playmakers at WR now, and Manning is effective in the Shotgun. He has looked very good in the "muddle huddle" and the Giants could run a higher pct of plays in the Shotgun to open up the offense.

Hedgecock is a good FB, so the Giants could at least run 3WR, 1 FB if they wanted to out of the I formation.

Sometimes I thought that having 2 loud pass catchers ( Shockey and Burress) along with a more mild Eli Manning was a very bad thing. If Shockey or Plax were open and didn't get the ball, they would whine incessantly to Manning on the way back to the huddle. In all reality Manning should have told them to just shut up and play. The huddle two years ago would have probably been even more crazy with the leader ( Tiki Barber) also being more mild while Shockey and Burress wanted the ball on every single play.

I also think that when you look at this trade, you have to look at WHO has the draft picks. We as fans view a Scott Pioli draft pick in New England different than a Matt Millen pick in Detroit. Gerry Reese has just taken over at GM and has already earned a lot of street credit with a fantastic draft last year. The Giants draft looked fantastic from top to bottom giving him a 2nd and 5th gives him an opportunity to stock the shelves with even more talent.

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