Saturday, September 06, 2008

Deadskins @ Giants recap

NYG – Wash recap

- Michael Strahan at the 50 yard line pumping up the crowd, the music, the celebration, the season is finally here!

- Giants failed to execute a screen pass on the 2nd play of game and that is a problem. Often times Manning’s throws aren’t good, and often times Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw drop the ball. They need to work on this simple play in practice and get it right in games.
- 3rd down and 7, Manning converts an 8 yard pass to Steve Smith. This was a key play that got Manning and the offense in a rhythm. Sometimes just getting that 1st 1st down gets your offense in motion as it is the hardest 1st down to get. Manning dropped back, read the defense, and delivered a strike to the right player. He likes the sure handed Steve Smith on 3rd downs.

- Jason Campbell was sacked on the Redskins 1st play as he was holding onto the ball too long. This was ominous for the game and I believe for the season.
- A draw play on 3rd down was Zorn wanting to protect Campbell and not have him throw vs the blitzing D. The conservative play call was to keep it close, keep the Skins in the game, and not have a big mistake early. The running and conservative play calling was a theme of the game.

- Brandon Jacobs unloaded on Leron Laundry and the Redskins had to take him out of the game. Sports center highlight right there.

Q: Why are the Giants doing their defensive intro's with 2:49 left in the first quarter?
A: The Redskins have run 3 plays up until now.

- 3rd and 12, and Jason Campbell throws a 1-2 yard slant pass? What was Campbell thinking ?
- Redskins bailed out with Mcdougals personal foul roughing the punter.
- Washington has run 9 plays for 7 yards with 13 min in the 2nd quarter.
- Nice pass to Sinorice moss, great to see the Giants get him involved.
- Burress making some nice catches with defenders draped on him.

Look at the difference in QB play. Campbell can’t do anything right, and Eli in the first half looked like the guy we remember from the 2007 playoffs. He might not have monster stats, but he was reading the defense, getting first downs, and he kept the mistakes to a minimum. Manning was reading defenses, calling audibles, throwing long passes, short passes, intermediate passes... check downs, throwing the ball away, moving around the pocket. Campbell looks lost. Running into defenders, holding onto the ball forever, and throwing a 2 yard slant on 3rd and 12. You have got to be freaking kidding me !

Derrick ward in red zone? What is Coughlin thinking? Brandon Jacobs is THE smash mouth back out there. Last year he would bring in Reuben Droughns, why does he insist on taking out Jacobs in the red zone?

- Rock Cartwright with 2 good returns, a 50 yarder and a 35 yarder. He is an underrated underpaid special teams player.

Jason Campbell didn’t complete his first pass until 1:12 in the 2nd half. How terrible is that?

- Giants should be up by more than 16-7 at halftime.

Campbell had that pass play where he went deep to Moss, but Aaron Ross got the position. If he didn’t hold onto the ball too long, he could have lit up Moss for a TD but Moss slowed down and Aaron Ross regained position on him.

3rd and 15 Campbell throws an 8 yard pass… how many times did he throw in front of the first down marker? Down and distance !!! Then on 3rd and 18 he throws a 5 yard pass, on 4th and 13 he throws another 5 yard pass. Is he trying to pad his stats or something, throwing lots of short easy gimme passes?

The clock management/urgency by Zorn and Campbell was terrible. There are 4, 3, 2 minutes left, and you are taking your time, huddling and calling run plays? Short passes?
The first thing the Redskins need to do this week in practice, is go over down and distance. If it is 3rd and 8 and you are a receiver, you run your route at least 9 yards. It doesn’t matter if you normally run that stop at 7-8, you have to tailor your play to the situations… Down and Distance. If you are JC and it is 4th and 13, you don’t throw a 5 yard pass, that is just as bad as throwing an interception as you turn the ball over.

The Redskins need to work on Down and Distance, and the 2 minute drill. Campbell just doesn't run the offense like they are down 2 scored and trying to win. If it wasn't for a 50 yard KR, and a Penalty, the Redskins would have been shut out.

Jason Campbell exposed.
Everybody calls me a Redskins hater but holding onto the ball too long, Long wind up ( although not Leftwhich bad), no audibles, double clutching the ball, being way to conservative, always throwing check downs, screen left, screen right. The coach himself said he had to read the defense and stop locking onto guys.

Everybody can point out a QB who has problems like no mobility, a weak arm, but if you can exploit a guy like Campbell with these mistakes early on, you can profit from then. The Redskins were 9-7 and a playoff team, however they were 5-7 Under Campbell LY and he was 3-7-2 Against the Spread. Todd Collins was 4-0 as the starter, 4-0 ATS and was better in every measurable stat… TD-INT ratio, comp. pct, comp. per game, Yards per game, Team PPG, Sacked less, fumbled less, more yards per attempt, and the guy was throwing the ball BEFORE his receivers made his breaks. Collins also beat the SB champs, #1 team in NFC, Bears comeback in relief duty, and Minn on a MNF game which probably helped win the playoff birth. Collins had a QB rating over 100, Campbell was in the low 70’s.

I am not saying Campbell will never be good, or is a terrible guy, but the WCO does not match his skillset. With a lot of 3 step drops, 5 step drops, slants, quick plays, read and react, option routes, having a guy with that holds onto the ball too long with a slow release/wind up is a problem.

Campbell was 4 for 4 on 3rd downs, but didn't get a 1st down on any of those completions. You can't be a good NFL quarterback that only throws check downs.

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