Thursday, September 04, 2008

Season Long Plays !

Here are the season long plays...
More rationale found at my season preview.
1. Indy Over 11 wins +140 ( 2 units)
- Too much value here for a team that should win 12, 13 or 14 games. I have 5 games on their schedule they should seriously have a problem with, as long as they don't lose all of those, or win some, but get upset in some games, they should take this to the bank. +140 is good odds for my predicted SB champ.
2. Baltimore Under 6 wins +100 ( 2 units)
- They have one of the most difficult schedules in the league, one of the worst quarterbacks in the league ( whoever plays), and a new coach that I am not sold at all on. This team could easily win 4 games.
3. Cleveland Under 8 wins +100 (2 units)
- I ran through the schedule and came out with 6 wins. In general, I think the public is too high on the browns, and I like fading them here. They sort of remind me of the 49ers going into last year ( a sleeper pick by some), that I don't like.There are other plays that "might work" or totals that or off, but I am not laying down -140 or anything like that on plays that I lean. I think these are the best plays out there and they all pay even money or better.

GL. ( PS, if you are looking for the Redskins/Giants preview, take a look at 2 posts ago !)

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