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Week 1 recap

Week 1 recap

Week 1 Card
Giants -4 ( 1 unit ) .............Win
Teaser: Indy -3 Pending + Philly -1.5 WON( 5 units )
Seattle: Pickem ( 1 unit ) ........................ LOSS
Miami + 3 ( 1 unit ) ( waiting until right before kickoff to try and get 3.5) LOSS
Lean Dallas ( no play yet, but possible 2nd half play ) NO PLAY
Arizona 2nd half -1
( 1 unit )............... Win
2-2 so far with the Colts game remaining to decide 5 unit teaser.


- 2nd pass of the game, Mcnabb hits Desean Jackson on a 47 yard pass play. It was nice because Jackson was actually covered pretty well, but showed good ball skills.
- Eagles scored on their first drive of the year in 3 or 4 plays. Mcnabb looks healthy and the offense looks potent. This offense is a function of Mcnabb and not WR talent.
- The D looked good too stuffing Steven Jackson on a key 3rd and 1.
- This game was really a whooping, I was flipping around and watching 3 games at once. What does that say about the speed of NFL games.
- This was an easy game, and played pretty much like I thought it would. I would have went Philly ATS also, but I only had it in the teaser.

- The first offensive play for Seattle this year was a dropped pass. How ominous for the game and the season.
- Neither offense is doing anything early with lots of punts. Seattle is asking to lose this game on special teams.
- The first 5 series, Seattle had 3, 3 and outs, and 2, 4 and outs.
- BS call on a screen pass, 2nd and 20 instead of 2nd and 3 in the Red zone killed Seattle.
- Roscoe Parrish runs back an awesome Punt Return Touch down. His running was awesome, but his entire unit was out throwing blocks. Credit Roscoe, and credit the Bills special teams.
- Nate Burlson drops and easy TD, then on the very next play makes an amazing catch for a TD.
- Jeb Putzier has 3 drops for Seattle, that is inexcusable.
- Leroy Hill almost picks off a screen pass for an easy TD.
- Buffalo gets their second Special teams TD. Game over for me. I was wrong on this one and Buffalo won this game easily. I was right to be worried about special teams, the Bills had 2 ST TDS.

- Brett Favre hits J. Cotchery on a deep ball with an awesome play fake. Take a look at Favre’s fake vs a guy like Byron Leftwhich. Favres fake got everybody in the house and was nothing short of art work, while Byron’s fakes almost look like a chore for him to stick the ball out toward the running back. Credit Favre with that little aspect of his game. I’d also like to say I drafted Cotchery in my Fantasy league and expect a better than expected year out of him.
- Jets 4th round draft pick Noah Lowery had a number of deflected passes and looked real good.
- Mike Nugent hurt? It caused the Jets to go for a 4th and 13, where Favre avoids a sack and throws up a prayer. It resulted in a TD in what I believe was a fluke play… the play of the game. I was expecting a play like this to be the disaster that caused the Jets problems, but it worked.
- 2 penalties on Jake Long, 1 cost the fins a first down.
- Terrible Pass Interference call not called on J. Cotchery. The Fins on 3rd and goal were screwed, and failed to score at the goal line. That finish and the end of the game cost them. I still think Miami was the right play. The Jets had that fluke TD that put them ahead, and the Fins had to go for TDs both times and didn’t convert. Pennington actually had a better game than Favre, and the Fins should have won in my opinion. That one hurts to lose and I still feel like I made the right call.

- I really like Marion Barber this year as a featured back. Felix Jones looked good too, his first ever NFL carry was an 11 yard TD run where he looked like he was shot out of a cannon.
- Pacman Jones with a penalty in the end zone, why can’t this guy control himself?
- Braylon Edwards is a beast, but the guy drops too many passes. He had the 2nd most drops last year only to TO.
- Dallas looked real good, their O-Line doesn’t get enough credit either. The NFC east might have the NFC’s three best teams with Dallas, Philly and the Giants.

- Kurt Warner waits until the last possible second before he throws his passes. He is going to get killed and fumble one of these times.
- 3rd Q there was a key clipping penalty on Reggie Wells that cost the Cards a chance at a TD in the red zone.
- Ken Wisenhunt tries a pseudo onsides kick and it worked. I like him as a head coach. He went for a 4th and inches with his new power RB Tim Hightower.

- If Tom Brady is out for all of 08 that team is in serious trouble. If Matt Cassell is the QB, this team goes 6-10 and doesn’t make the playoffs. I suggest trading for Chris Simms or BB might just call up Daunte Fumblepepper or 89 year old Vinny T. They need to get their hands on Simms. Either way, those Colts futures I bought today look good as the Colts would instantly be favorites in the AFC.

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