Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2

I am most likely going to add SD -1, but I want to see how the early games shake out. I also like Philly +7, but I can wait until tomorrow to add that one as well. I lean with the Titans +1, or maybe a 2nd half play, but I no add yet. The rest of my card is in my last posting. GL.

Here are some notes from the TB/NO game, and Ten/Jax
Saints/Bucs recap
- Bobby Mccray rotating in at end, solid depth for the Saints
- Porter had a couple key stops and was an obvious upgrade, Aaron glenn, Randall gay ( out this week) improvements over David.
- Vilma is a huge upgrade to that LB core
- Sedrick Ellis in on the action, beefs up that DL.

- Saitns had 4 WR with 25 yard catch or more
- Shockey didn’t do much early, but came to life later
- Tampa had some exotic blitzes on defense that will terrorize opposing QB’s.
- Saints had 2 key penalties in a row early in the game.
- Gaines Adams was tackled by the LT on Reggie Bush’s long td, terrible no call.

- Chris Johnson really looked awesome out there
- Wilcotts making excuses for Vince Young’s poor play. Vince overthrows his receiver, and Wilots blames the WR. A WR drops a ball ( it happens to every QB), and Wilcots is saying Vince has no receivers, as if Peyton Manning and Tom Brady never have WR drops. Eli Manning had the most drops in the league last year, and he won the super bowl.

Jags/ Titans
- 2 picks and a fumble for VY - inaccurate throws, all blamed on receivers but moron color commentary.
- 2 picks for Garrard
- under throwing Williamson,
I can’t watch a game that Soloman Wilcotts calls. The guy doesn’t even understand the passing game at all. When a mistake happens, he can’t even decipher who’se fault it is ( QB or receiver). No wonder he loves scramblers, their poor reads and throws are never their fault.

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