Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 3 recap

Week 3
CardCincy/NYG O 41 ( 5 units) Win
Dallas -3 ( 3 units ) Win
Tampa +3 ( 1 unit +110 bodog) Win
Minny -3 ( 1 unit ) sucker bet Win
Wash -3 ( 1 unit ) Win
NYG 2nd half -7 ( 1 unit) Loss
Pittsburgh +3.5 ( 1 unit) Loss

Great week 5-2 and won my 2 larger plays to put me ~ + 9 units !
Cincy/Giants - A game where Cincy had 2 TD, 3 Fg, and the Giants had 2 td and 4 fg. Both teams had dropped tds in the end zone, and the game should have had at least 10 more points. It was my big play and was one of the more worst case scenerios but it still won.
Dallas - They were only a 3 point fav, and as I said, you might not see them giving so little ever again.
Tampa - I always love a live dog that has a chance to win outright. Both teams sort of mirror each other, but Tampa had the vet QB and Tampa was the better team and stole a win on the road.
Minny - Classic sucker bet. I knew the Panthers were in trouble when Delhomme got sacked on a Winfield corner blitz and started going nuts and was yelling at everybody.
Wash - I don't like them, so I might as well profit off them when they win.
NYG 2nd half - Lost this one by 1 point. It was really a play on the Giants coming back and winning this game ( they did), but that 1 point hook got me. It happens to the best of us.
Pitt - Pitt was a "live dog" in this game for a while, but I strongly fault their offensive coordinator. Big ben had constant pressure in his face, and they just kept dropping him back on 5 and 7 step dropps until he got knocked out of the game. The OC should have been running screens, draws, more 1st down passes, WR screens, and QB roll outs that move the pocket, and move the target for the defense. It was pathetic and it was only a matter of time for sacks, picks, and injury ( and they did happen). I give the OC and "F". The Steelers D did look good though.

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