Sunday, October 05, 2008


Some notes from past weeks
- Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison had some key drops. Harrison dropped what could have been an easy TD ( 3 drops), and Wayne had an unusual drop on a 12 yard pass on 2nd and 10.
- Fred Taylor has probably the best run of the year, A 34 yard cutback with broken tackles and his QB blocking. It was certainly the most exciting.
- Late in the 4th Q, the Jags had 15 first downs to the Colts 1, the Jags had the ball almost the entire 2nd half, and they ran, and threw conservative passes. When one team runs 6 plays, and the other one runs 38, you are asking for trouble. The Colts didn't run their 7th play until 2:27 left in the 4th quarter.
- The Jags had two 100 yard rushers ( Taylor,Jones Drew), it is bad for a defense to give up a 100 yard rusher, nevermind two.
- The Colts also ran a horrible 2 min D which lost them the game. Horrible penalty on a failed 4th & 1 play. Not only did Dungy's defense get gashed the entire 2nd half, they shot themselves in the foot at the end of the game. It was sad, Dungy is not even an average coach, and I am sick of people hyping him up. It's not like the Jags were running some fancy, high powered offense, they RAN RIGHT AT THE COLTS on almost every single play of the 2nd half! Dungy sucks.

Chiefs/Broncos ( sucker bet)
- LJ starts the game off with a nice 65 yard run. The Cheifs came out to play.
- Chiefs recover a fumble early, key play.
- Boone had an awsome catch on a 3rd down.
- Herm settled for 2 FG's early, could haunt the Chiefs later.
- Brandon Marshall with a fumble.

- I lost this game, Warner came out ugly early, but the Cards are great at picking up garbage yards and I won my money back on the second half play.

- This was probably the worst NFL game I have ever seen. I thought we could have easily saw Brady Quinn step in as DA looked bad, and Ryan Fitzpatrick looked bad too. It wasn't that they were playing against good defenses, they just stunk, the defenses stunk, everything stunk. I can't believe I even watched this game. The coaching, QB's, defenses all stunk. Jamal Lewis is a decent player, but when you have Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow against an injured Bengals secondary, you exploit it.

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