Sunday, October 26, 2008

NY Giants, building for the future

- The Giants are the defending SB champs
- The Giants are 6-1 and in first place in the NFC, they just beat one of the top AFC teams on the road, and they bullied the Redskins who are 2nd in their tough division.
- The Giants decided NOT to trade for TE Tony Gonzalez, that tells me they are still trying to build/maintain the team they have, and not trying to sacrafice this year and next for another title shot.
- The Giants basically lost a hall of fame RB 2 years ago, Hall of fame DE this year, and a pro bowl DE.
- The Giants are a deep team besides at QB.

QB: Eli Manning, #1 pick, SB MVP, starting to really " get it". Is in the top 10 QB's in the league and leading a good offense.
RB: Jacobs is a unique cloud of dust back that actually doesn't have a lot of miles. Ward is servicable, and Bradshaw is a great change of pace back that can also return kicks. He should really grow into a good 3rd down back.
Flanker: Burres is the big play guy. He does have the dropsies and he will quit on plays and have penalties, but a lot of teams don't have a guy like him that can draw the double or beat you.
SE: Toomer is a vet guy with hands that can lead the WR core
SE: Steve Smith is a quality WR with good hands that is ideal for 3rd downs. Sort of reminds me of a Bobby Engram type that will do what he is asked to do, and is a good compliment for a big play guy like Burress. Smith has very sure hands.
SE: Dom Hixon is a good return guy first, that can also sub in at WR. He might have a career, but is at worst a return guy.
Slot: Sinorice Moss is an ideal slot guy, has had injury problems, but I'd like for the Giants to start working him into the mix.
WR: Mario Manningham is a guy the Giants drafted at the end of the 3rd round, but he has 1st round talent. We will need a couple of years to evaluate him.
TE: Kevin Boss is probably the easiest place the Giants can draft and upgrade on offense. Boss isn't bad, but he isn't a big play guy and he probably won't make any pro bowls. He is a very good 2nd TE, but doesn't wow you as the starter.OL- Mebane from the Seahawks gave the best compliment to the Giants
O-Line. He said they are a bunch of robots. Too many people put too much stock into the size, weight, push a guy gets, but intelligence is a big thing. Can the O-line work together. Can they identify the blitz, can they pull together, can they zone block together etc. There are probably just as many sacks in the NFL that are due to blown protection schemes, as there are to guys getting beat. That means with a smart QB and Vet OL, the Giants have a huge advantage. The Steelers didn't sack Eli Manning at all today, and they LEAD the NFL in sacks.

DL - Justin Tuck is a pro bowl stud, Mathis Kiwkiuka has a bright future. He is a good pass rusher, might not be excellent against the run, but even with these ends the Giants are better off than most teams. Fred Robins has been playing at a pro bowl level but he is getting older. Alford and Coefield are alright, but I wouldn't mind the Giants adding a DT next year for rotation and to be ready if Robbins gets hurt.

LB - I thought the Giants could have drafted at LB last year, and they brought in a few and brought in Danny Clark. Their LB core isn't bad, but Antoinio Pierce isn't an athlete and they have some young guys around him. I wouldn't mind bringing in that super stud that can play the position for the next 10 years. Kiehl has played well and the Giants brought in a few LB's, but nothing is locked down IMO.

DB - Aaron Ross was a good pick, Webster seems to be playing better, Dockery is underrated, Thomas is a rookie. Phillips will be a good player, and I never really liked James Butler. The Giants have added 3 contributers in the secondary in the past 2 drafts, but they can still add more.

Gerry Reese has drafted well and the team looks good. Reese gets the benefit of the doubt for drafting Ross, Smith, Alford, Boss, Bradshaw not going nuts when Tiki and Luke Retired and left. Next year they will have a #1, and 2 # 2's. If there is a big play TE with Winslow like ability they can go after him to really round out that offense. I also wouldn't mind the big play guy at LB, in the secondary, or anther quality DT to mix in there with one of those 3 early picks.

The Giants could be good for a half decade like the Patriots after they won their first title in 2001. They also have a special teams coverage stud in Chase Blackburn. Cheers.

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