Sunday, October 26, 2008


Giants -
- Chase blackburn with the tackle on the punt return
- Holding on M. Moore’s 32 yard run. Heath Miller held Justin tuck.
- James Butler with awesome INT ( rare because he stinks), but he fumbled it and the giants were fortunate enough to recover the ball.
- 4th and inches, Jacobs broke the plane of the end zone.
- Terrible call on the Kenny Phillips personal foul, he laid him out fair and square
- James Butler actually laid a nice hit on Washington and injured him.
- Madison Hedgecock, 2 dropped balls on check downs is unacceptable
- Refs call back 15 yard 1st down conversion on L. Woodley Kevin Boss flop holding, terrible call
- 4th and 6, eli with a perfect throw to ammani toomer, way to hold on to the ball.

Awesome game compared to the wash game. This really was the game of the week. Big Ben finished with 1 td, 4 int. The Game went pretty much in an expected fashion, but I was wrong on the score. Big Ben was expected to be pressured and I expected a game like the Eagles game and it was similar. The Giants looked good to win in Pittsburgh.

The Washington/ Lions game was terrible. The announcer with Aikman made some comment about how Jason Campbell was playing well after he was completing some of his check downs. Campbell did not play well at all. When he made that comment, there were 4 minutes left in the first half and the Deadskins had 3 points. How can the QB be playing well and have 3 points vs one of the worst teams I can remember?

On the opening drive the Redskins started throwing the ball. Probably because they wanted to throw the Lions and future opponents off to say that they could throw also. You don't want to be known as ALWAYS running on first downs, so they threw. It worked early on and the skins moved the ball. They get to the 1 and Campbell muffs the hand off and losses 2 yards, Portis losses on the next play, and they settle for 3. Later on Campbell fumbled at the 50, the Skins had a bad penalties called on a 3rd down stop, and Detroit took a 7-3 lead.

The Skins only had 3 points because of the Campbell botched hand off, and the Lions had 7 points because of the JC fumble and bad call on the 3rd down play.

So you think the Redskins are going to be aggressive right? They were still running draws on 3rd and longs, they were still throwing 5 yard passes on 3rd and 10. Jason Campbell does NOT impress me at all. He even fumbled late in the game to give Detroit a chance to win the game, but John Jansen recovered the ball.

The crowd totally wasn't into the game ( as they shouldn't have been). It was almost like some intramural game the way there was just no energy. The Redskins honestly could have lost the game, and before Campbell fumbled at the end, Zorn was laughing on the sidelines.

One of the other key things I saw, was on drive in I believe the 3rd Q, where the Lions had 3 or 4 dumb penalties in a row. That is the mark of a terrible football team. They let Washington off the hook. The skins won by 8, they didn't play well, they should have won by more, but I'll take it.

Week 8
Redskins 5 units, won 4.25 units
Tampa + 1, lost 1 unit
Pittsburgh -3, lost 1 unit
= + 2.25 units and a positive cash flow weekend.

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