Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week 5 recap

Week 5
SD Super chargers -7 (105) 2 units LOSS
Hennesse Titans -2.5 1 unit WIN
Chi-town Bears -3 ( bought hook) 1 unit WIN
Indy -4 ( 1 unit) PUSH
Dallas/Cincy Over 46 ( 1 unit) WIN
Arizona -2 ( 1 unit) WIN
SD 2nd half -6 ( 1 unit) WIN
Tampa Bay +4 ( 1 unit) WIN
6-1-1 + 4 units - Excellent week !!!!!

- I really liked the 4 PM games and went 3-0 and didn't take NE. I went with a lot of games for small units this week and won or pushed every single game EXCEPT my 2 unit SD play. Here is some of what I gathered from the games...

SD played a weak 1st half and I took them the second half because they couldn't have possibly played any worse. I actually have to give credit to Miami, because that defense came out to play but LT was still hurt and SD didn't play their best game.
- One of the best plays of the game was a forced fumble AND RECOVERY, by Jacob Hester. He hit the ball out of the Fin's hand and recovered it in good field position.
- The game was lost when on 4th and goal from the 1 yard line in the 4th Quarter, Norv decided to go for it ( I agreed) and they handed it to LT and he was stuffed. He just didn't have that burst and the Fins won.

- I said that the low scoring Browns/Bengals game I watched last week was one of the worst NFL games I have ever seen, but this was a VERY exciting low scoring game. Both teams were hitting each other hard, and those are two of the best defenses in the NFL. When you watch a game like this, you sometimes wonder how either team scores ANY points.
- There was a horrible call early in the game when both teams were fighting, but a penalty was ONLY called on I believe Cortland Finegan. It ended up resulting in a Ravens FG. Finnegan was trash talking the entire game ( with Derrick Mason) and drew a penalty. Keith Bullock went up to him and pushed him because his lack of self control was costing his team.
- Kerry Collins drove his team down 80 yards late in the 4th to win the game, while Joe Flacco threw a pick on the rebuttal to win the game. The VET QB beats the rookie, and my underrated Titans win again.

NY Giants
- I didn't play ghe Giants, but I was looking to tease them with another game. Stupid me, I won everything except the Chargers. Eli Manning hit Dom Hixon on a few long pass plays. Manning was throwing the ball down field and it was working.
- Brandon Jacobs was ripping had something like 14 caries for 130 something yards late in the game. The Giants offense dominated... they scored points on their first 6 possessions... long passes and 10 yard Brandon Jacobs runs.
- Kevin Dockery had an awsome 45 yard INT return.
- B. Mebane said the Giants offensive line is like a bunch of "robots". They all work together so well in their communication and reads etc. That is one of the best compliments out there and exactly why the Giants O-line is so good. It isn't because they have a line full of 1st round draft picks that maul the guy in front of them, it is because they work well together.. they have played together, they have a good head coach, a good quarterback, and Gilbride coaches that line well. The Colts and Pats have had the best o-lines the past few years also, because of their quarterbacks... The QB points out blitzes and is so important to his line. Most people will never realize this. Eli Manning isn't at super star yet, but he is excellent at reading defenses in pre-snap reads as far as the pass rush is concerned.
- Amad Bradshaw had an awsome run in the 4th quarter. Bradshaw, David Carr, Mario Manningham, Sinorce Moss and other Giants back ups were still kicking the teeth in of the Seahawks. It was nice to see Sinorice Moss get worked in and have 2 Tds.

- Denver/TB
- Jay Cutler is a man, and ran over Rhonde Barber on a run near the sidelines for a key 11 yard run. This is the same guy that benched 225 23 times and ran a 4.6 and has a laser rocket arm.
- Gaines Adams drops an easy int. He has played really well thus far and might not have the super stats to show it, but he has forced opponents into penalties.
- Jeff Garcia fills in and throws an early INT to Marcus Thomas near the goal line, but he fumbles it and the Bucs recover for a new set of downs.
- TB's rookie PR returner Jackson had a horrible PR where he didn't field the ball and let it bounce behind him. He cost his team about 15 yards worth of field position in a low scoring defensive game.
- Jermey Stevens had a key drop on a 3rd down that would have resulted in a 1st down.
- Garcia drives his team down the field on a late scoring drive and throws a TD pass to Ike HIlliard where he started running towards the goal line but then threw to Hillard as defenders committed.
- Even though Denver won this game, the low scoring tempo was dictated by Tampa. Tampa and the Titans have been two quality teams that the public has virtually ignored. I'd bet they start to take notice pretty soon.

- I've rode Cincy overs 3 weeks in a row now. 5 unit winner with the Giants, 3 unit loser last week, and 1 unit winner this week. Their defense actually played better, but I think a lot of that was Romo not taking them very seriously.
- Greg Ellis intercepts a tipped pass on literally the 1st play of the game. Dallas settles for an early FG.
- Felix Jones has a nasty TD run on 4th and 4. If Dallas is running the ball on 4th and 4, that should tell you something. There was an awsome block by ( I think it was Kyle Kosier).
- Cincy had a TD called back on a TJ Hooshmanzada holding penalty that had nothing to do with the run. That kind of crap pisses me off as it cost me 4 points.
- Chris Perry dropped 2 Carson Palmer passes that would have been touchdowns, and he fumbled for his 5th time in 5 games. I wonder how long before he is replaced.
- Romo has a pick late in the game to Keith Rivers and he looked like crap. Good teams don't play down to their competition like Dallas did today.
- Patrick Crayton catches a deflected pass for the game winning TD. How Brett Favre-like was that for Romo?

Indy- Houston
- I called this game my anti-sucker bet as everybody on earth bet on the Colts, but I thought they would win. This game caused me a lot of stress. I SHOULD HAVE bet on them -3.5, but I got them at -4 once Sage was deemed to play. So I should have won, but I really should have lost. Sage blew the game for Houston. Usually I will bitch about losing games I should have won, but Houston outplayed Indy except for complete shitting the bed at the end. Even though I should have won on paper with a -3.5, I will gladly take the push.

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