Sunday, October 05, 2008

Week 5 sucker bet

Congrats to everybody who rode the KC Cheifs with me last week. Not only were they a 10 point underdog, but they won outright!

Congrats to everybody who rode the Minny Vikings with me two weeks ago and watched Jake Delhome boy throw a shit fit and lose the game. Classic sucker bet.

This week the books have taken MAJOR action on the Indianapolis Colts. Both teams were in very close games with the Jags... the game is @ Houston, and the Texans are coming off a bye. The books played the "matador" role this week, and took dollars after dollar coming in on the colts. That tells me they are SURE the Texans will provide more of a fight... Steve Slayton will rush for 100, the Texans highly touted D-Lineman will punish the Colts make shift O-Line....


Just because all that money is coming in on the Colts, doesn't mean they won't lose. Matt SNOB is not playing, and sage rosenfelds is one of the better backups in the league, but the Colts win... and the Bookies already started moving this line. It is 4, and 4.5, and I wouldn't be shocked if it ends up -6 somewhere. The Colts are the anti-sucker bet fake'em out.

Play the Colts and get them still at -4.

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