Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 Recap
Tampa -1 = WIN
Cincy/Jets = Loss ( moose)
Minny -13 = Loss ( win but not cover)
Washin -13.5 = Loss
Jax + 3.5 = WIN ( dog winning outright)
Chicago -3 = Loss
Indy -4 = Not posted but WIN
NYG 2nd half = LOSS

Total = 3-5, you can count me as 2-5 if you would like because Indy wasn't posted. Tampa was an easy win, the Jags won outright, the game that turned the tide and pissed me off was the Cincy/Jets game. There were 31 total points at halftime which made the O42 look real good, but the offenses went to sleep and put up only 9 more points. We also had a TD pass dropped in the end zone which pissed me off. I didn't see the Minny game but I hear Adrian Peterson had 2 real bad fumbles.

- Jason Campbell holds onto the ball too long and fumbled, go figure. Chris Cooley also had a key fumble. Washington was due for some bad luck, and their over confidence was killer. It isn't so much about confidence, as it was "letting the Rams hang around". The Rams were in the game the entire day, and Washington just had no urgency. It was like, " they are close to us, but they aren't really going to win". That is NOT the mark of a good football team.

- Jason Campbell really didn't have bad stats either. It just goes to show you the low risk/low reward style of ball he plays. His check downs and dump offs don't really hurt him, but they don't help as much as a downfield passing game either.

- I couldn't believe how easy it was for Washington to run the ball in the 3rd and 4th Q, yet they lost. It seemed like Portis was busting 7 yards per carry, teams that do that in the 3rd and 4th should NOT lose.

It was a bad play on my part. Historically 0-4 teams off a bye cover the spread at a very good rate. I went against the odds and lost.

- I didn't take the Giants in the game -9, but I did take them in the second half of the game to win ( another loss). This was a bad spot for the Giants. The Browns offense has done nothing ( and tried to do nothing), and they had their backs against the wall. It was a dog, on the road, with under performing Edwards and Anderson. Bad spot for the Giants. The better team didn't win, but it was a tough spot for the G-men. In the preseason the Giant starters crushed them something like 30-3 in the first half, but the Browns had their backs against the wall and won outright.

- Jermaine Phillips #23 is one of the top safeties in the game. He has made a pro bowl, but this guy is a heavy hitter and still under most people's radar.
- Gaines Adams #90, is not only a good pass rusher, but this guy drops into coverage too. The Bucs were lucky to get their hands on this guy.
- Tampa played about as good as a game as you could play. 3 picks, awsome special teams, and good offense. Tampa opened up the offense a little by throwing to their athletic TE Alex Smith and getting some big plays. The Bucs might start to be getting on people's radar now.

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