Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 7 recap

Week 7
Titans -9 = Win
SD + 1 = Loss
NYG -11 = Win
Pitt -9 = Win
Bal/Mia U = Loss
Minn/Chi 2nd H U = Loss
Dallas 2nd H -7 = Loss
Pitt 2nd H -4 = Win
Houston -11 = Loss ( I got moosed)
Tampa = Pending
4-5 pending Tampa

WINS ( better QB's, HC's, and D's win)
1) Titans cruise to an easy win
Kerry Collins > Brodie Croyle
Titans D > Chiefs D
Fisher > Herm
2) NYG won by more than the score indicated
Eli > JT Sullivan
Giants D > SF D
Couglin > Nolan
3) Pitt destroys the Bengals
Big Ben > Harvard
Steel Curtain > Bengals D
Tomlin > Marvin Lewis

1) Priscilla Rivers and his chargers lose another east coast game. Jauron is a better coach than Norv Turner.
2) Bal.Mia game hurts to lose that close under. I hate losing.
3) Minn/Chi, sometimes those real high scoring games last a half, but then the defenses come out in the second half and play. I did NOT watch this game but it was worth the risk for me. These teams don't score 80+ points on a regular basis.
4) I also faded another of the biggest suprises at halftime, and lost. It was a risk I was willing to take.
5) Houston was a moose job. There was another bad call where Will Demps was calling for unsportsmanlike conduct and hardly touched the guy. It was acting and sideline outrage that drew the flag. I wouldn't say this game was "fixed", those are some pretty big words to throw around, but Houston didn't give a shit that they were up by 3 TD's and let Detroit back in the game.

- Chase Blackburn opens the game with a tackle for a 2 yard loss. He is a very good backup and excellent special teams player who scored a TD in his first NFL start. He is actually more athletic than Pierce, but not as smart. He does have a motor though.
- Jeff Tollefson sacks O'Sullivan on the first 3rd down play. This first drive is already showing the depth of the Giants roster with these backups making plays.
- Plax drops a perfect throw on 3rd and 21 for a first down. People look at the stats and don't realize all of these hidden yards Eli losses.
- The 49ers get sacked on their 2nd 3rd down to end their second drive.
- Brandon Jacobs bowling people over like usual.
- Fred Robbins playing at a high pro bowl level. He has always been a good run stopper, but now he is starting to press the passers more and could make the pro bowl.
- Amani Toomer with a drop on a 9 yard pass on 1st and 10. WTF is up with his hands?
- SF has 3 penalties on one drive. Nate Clements losing his composure.
- Josh Morgan gets Aaron Ross on a nice double move. Morgan looks real athletic.
- Plax is just a lazy player. This is the guy that didn't practice at all last year, the guy that got suspended, yelled at his coach, quits on routes, and won't even come back to a ball that isn't perfectly thrown to him.
- Michael Johnson with 2 interceptions for the Giants. One led to an easy Giants FG, the other one took 7 off the board for SF.
- Blocked FG was huge for SF. Not only did it keep 3 points off the board for the Giants, they scored 7 for a 10 point turn around.
- Chase blackburn with a nice forced fumble! Saved the win/cover.
- I wish Eli had all of these pass INT plays count for his stats, where his man beats the defender, but the defense commits a penalty.

Titans -
Brodie Croyle can not stay healthy. He is a human bean pole and got injured in BOTH games he started. He is just too damn skinny to play the position with this pencil thin legs. He was injured on a totally clean play.
- The Titans ran this game with defense and special teams. KC scored 10 points, and I was right on. A defensive blowout where KC wouldn't score more than 10.

- Pretty similar to the Titans game, the analysis, the win, everything.

Bal/Miami Under -
- There were 2 main plays that killed the under. A Suggs pick 6 ( I thought a defensive score was very possible), and at the end of the game, the refs called a bogus penalty on Phillip Merling which gave Willis another shot at the TD. I would have pushed not won, but I hate losing.

Houston -
This game is what you call a moose job. Houston was winning 21-0 but started taking it easier and Matt Schlub had a key fumble in the red zone, and Houston gave up a 96 yard touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson. The worst part of this game was listening to JC Pearman call the game. He called "Jim" Hazlett the Rams head coach " Mike" Hazlett, and he doesn't understand the rules. The Lions challenged a first down late in the game and the Refs DID move the ball, but Houston still got the first down. JC said they were getting their timeout back but that is NOT the case. How can this idiot announce games and not even understand the rules, or know the players and coaches names. He is another joke announcer obsessed with mobility and stupid cliches.

Wash -
I watched the Deadskins. They remind me of the 04 Jaguars led by Byron Leftwhich. Good defense, good running game, boring robot quarterback who the coach doesn't trust. Campbells numbers might look ok, but that is because he is playing the most risk averse football out there. Check downs, WR screens, dump offs, and the ocassional TE drag. It makes me sick. The announcers were talking about how he hasn't had an interception yet this year.... yeah, it is pretty hard to throw a pick throwing WR screens. It reminds me of David Garrard last year with 2 interceptions for the whole year. Take away that defense and run game and he gets exposed. Jason Campbell doesn't call audibles or do anything but run the conservative plays his coach calls. I was NOT impressed.
- For Cleveland, their coach is a joke. I like Braylon Edwards personality a lot, but I saw 10 passes targted for him, and 2 were caught and 8 were not. About 6 or 7 were drops and maybe 1 or 2 was off target. The guy has big play ability, but stone hands. Edwards, TO, and PLax will lead the league in dropped balls.

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