Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reasons why Arizona didn't cover

- Giving up Opening kick off TD
- 4th and 1 from the 10 yard line, settle for 3 instead of TD
- The play/drive at the end of the first half where Sullivan gets his helmet knocked off and he picks up an additional 2 yards for first down. They end up converting 3rd down after 3rd down for a Vernon Davis TD. If SF punted, there is no doubt in my mind Warner would have scored at least 3 during the 2 min drill to have the lead at halftime.
- Batted pass not intercepted
- DRC dropping a relativly easy interception
- * Bogus Boldin pass INT call *, walking down the field to take a comanding 27-24 lead, but we have the NFL MNF Fix at it's finest.
* Next play, bogus off sides penalty to call back and Arizona TD*!!! God damn NFL
- Adrian Wilson later picks off a ball and returns it for a TD, but it really was offsides.

It just seems to me, that when the game was on the line, the Refs bail out the Cards to ensure that cover. If they really did think that Adrian Wilson was offsides during the first defensive TD, then why run the play and throw the flag after Arizona scores? Why can't arizona just have the big play, whey do they blow the whistle after the big first down? This game made me very mad to lose, and that is the reason why I very often play 1 unit games now. The NBA had refs caught for fixing games, and when the NFL pulls crap like the Tuck rule, or the Steelers super bowl, or this shit, it pisses me off!

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