Sunday, November 09, 2008


week 10 recap
Car -2.5/ NO Over 43 ( win 2.5 units)
Baltimore pick em' ( win 1 unit)

Both teaser picks won ats on their own, Baltimore killed em and I was 2-0 + 3.5 untis. I was sick of having some games I liked more, some I liked less and more or less splitting my winnings. I was going to play
Titans Under ( won)
SD 3nd half ( lost)
Indy ( won), and of course the carolina over

I hate losing bets, but I also hate not winning stuff I didn't play. Oh well, this week made money and that is the name of the game.

I am also in an online contest with 4 picks , 1 of them being a "best bet" that counts twice.
Baltimore Best bet ( win)
saints over 49 ( win)
carolina 9.5 ( win)
arizona ( tbd)

The Ravens are the Jaguars of last year. H. Ngota needs to make the pro bowl with an INT at the one yard line, and hitting Rosenfelds when he was throwing a pass so Ray Lewis could get a real easy INT. Ngota dominated the inside of the line. It isn't that often that a DT is a player of the week or player of the game, but this guy dominated. I have rode Baltimore a couple weeks in a row, and if the books are going to underrate them I will ride them longer. Titans, Bucs, Ravens, and Eagles are probably my teams that I think are better than most people... although now the Titans secret is out at 9-0.

Car -
Jake Delhomme played like shit, which is always a possibility for a streaky guy like that, but I do think a lot of it was the Raiders D being better than I thought. I knew they were alright, but they played real well. The reason why I won anyway, is because the Raiders offense was just as bad and maybe worse as advertised. All 3 of their quarterbacks suck, the penalties, dropped balls, no pass protection. They need to blow it up and start over.

NO -
Matt Ryan played game manager well and did what he needed to be efficient and win, Drew Brees did everything he possibly could to try and win. His team didn't help him out with dropped balls, tipped balls etc. M. Colston had 3 or 4 dropped balls, and some of them were for 1st downs. Brees impressed the hell out of me in a loss. It was like Brady Quinn vs Jemarcus in the suger bowl. Sure you could say Ryan won " head to head", but Brees was by himself out there with no defense, dropped balls by the receivers etc. Matt Ryan more or less let the game come to him.

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