Sunday, November 16, 2008


Eagles game ( lost 6 units) ( one of the worst games I have ever seen!)
Falcons/Broncos 2nd half over ( push)
Titans 2.5 ( won 1 unit)

I leaned Dallas ( win), Minny/Bucs under was my initial play ( win), Raiders/Fins under ( win), and Pittsburgh ( bullshit loss).

If Pittsburgh doesn't prove some games are fixed, I don't know what does.
- 13 times as many penalties called on Pitt!
- Bullshit holding call to negate Steelers TD at the end of the game ( that didn't effect outcome)
- The final play.

The final play
- So they end up calling back LT's lateral, but they let it stand ( no yellow flag live). They let the freaking play run UNTIL Pitt intercepts the next lateral and Troy P. scores. THEN for some odd reason they throw the flag, go to the replay booth and "review it".

Now you know for damn sure if the game ended there, the game would have just ended there, but they had to go ahead and "review it" for some odd reason.

In their review, they didn't even get the call right. A forward lateral is NOT A DEAD BALL, only if it hits the ground. The ball did NOT hit the ground, therefore the play stands as is ( and Pitt would decline the penalty and win 17-10 or kick the XP and win 18-10.

Did you see that stinking ref come out there and call that one back. He was shaking like some damn mafioso was telling him that you take the damn points off the board. That was a horrible call, the wrong call, and they didn't even interpret the rules right.

You know a call is outrageous when bob costas brings it up, and the refs admit it was the wrong call. If you know you were wrong, then do the right thing and change the outcome?

People are quit to bash the "fix talk", but we know for sure NBA games were fixed. When you see that Kings/Lakers game, you don't need to be an FBI agent to realize that game was fixed. You don't need to be a genius to see that point shaving yesterday. 13 times more penalties, and those 2 horrible calls at the end, showed the refs do everything they possible could do not let the Steelers cover.

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