Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today's Play

Sunday's card
Philly -9 ( 3 units)

I would lay 4 or 5 units because Philly in my mind is still one of the best teams in the league, while Cincy is one of the worst. What is less than a TD and FG? Is the crappiest team 1.5 possessions worse than the better teams? If there weren't snow and 17mph winds in the forecast I would play it more.

Cincy's offense can't do anything, their coach stinks, their defense will get shredded by Dr. Donovan and the score should be something like 30-7. Who knows if it will or not, but this one shouldn't be close. Donovan can win ( and score) on the road, and Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't been able to figure this NFL thing out with his Bungles.

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