Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week 16

I won 3 units on the Colts 2nd half -6.5 Thursday ( what an easy play), and put 2.5 of the units on Peyton Manning to win MVP +350. I like him to win over Adrian Peterson, Kurt Warner or Tony Romo, the others oddsmakers have him competing with. Funny thing is that I looked at the odds today and they were +275. I posted on a site after the Colts game, and maybe some others pounded it too. I can't believe the book left those odds up after the game.

Open Bets
- Colts to win it all ( from before the season +900 maybe)
- Cleveland Browns season win total Under ( win)
- Baltimore Ravens season win total Under ( loss)
- Colts season win total Over 11 ( push right now, a win next week wins)
Peyton Manning to win MVP +350

Season win totals can be tricky, so I placed those 3 all with plus juice money. I want to say the Colts one was +120 or +140 and the other two are a wash right now. I think the Colts one was for more money also if I am not mistaken.

I am in NJ now, so posting can be difficult. I took Dallas -5 last night for a 1 unit loss.
Pittsburgh -1 ( 1 unit)
NY Giants -3 ( 5 units)

Here is for keeping it simple. I may go to the bars in Hoboken to watch the Giants game with some true fans. One of those sports bars was pretty booming last time I was there and they had one of the biggest TV's I have ever seen in my life. GL

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