Saturday, January 10, 2009

2nd half

1st half UNDER 17.5 ( 1 unit win)
Titans -3 2nd half ( 1 unit)

The funny thing is I was looking to play the 1st Q over and 1st half under. I have been a Titans backer all year and the Titans are freaking dominating this game but made a few stupid mistakes ( the fumble and the Collins interception). Collins completed 12 passes, Flacco only 3. Sure Flacco made a great play on the TD, but his physical skills aren't the problem. Can the rookie be consistant? Can he move the ball down the field? Completing 3 balls is piss poor. Watching the game betting the under gave me the perspective I need. When the titans had the ball I felt threatened, when Baltimore had the ball on offense I wasn't worried they would score. Titans -3, they win the game and move on in the playoffs. They also get the ball 1st in the 2nd half.

I think Jeff Fisher has also outcoached Baltimore. One key I saw was that perfect Baltimore punt at the 1 yardline, but in these sloppy weather conditions I like how the Titans started running some of those swing passes and 1st down passes instead of just your borning 2 yard runs. Jeff Fisher understands these conditions and he had that awsome Chris Johnson swing pass where the Baltimore LB missed the open field tackle. The swing pass should go for a short gain, but with the unsure footing defenders can slip and it could result in a big play ( it did). Plays like that have a chance for a much bigger gain in these conditions and Fisher knows it. It's so simple but true. Fisher is one of the best coaches in the game and I'll side with him and his wisdom.

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