Sunday, January 11, 2009

New York Giants 2nd half -3 ( 1 unit)
Titans, Carolina lost as home teams, Giants & Pittsburgh will win. Whoever wins this Giants game has a ticket to the super bowl because no way Arizona beats either one of these teams.

I can't stand Joe Buck doing a giants game. Making smug comments against Eli. Eli had a few balls that were dropped and close to being nice solid gains. He has had some wobbly passes into the wind? WTF has Mcnabb done besides vs the prevent defense at the end of the 1st half? He threw a pick, he took a safety, he completed 50% of his passes and has less yards. The Eagles have done nothing on offense.

The Giants had a missed field goal too, but the Eagles offense has done nothing. I just can't stand watching a game called by Joe Buck. He knows little to nothing about football, but just loves bashing certain players. You would have thought after Eli won a Super Bowl MVP that he would lighten up some, but he's still trying to slip in condescending comments.

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