Saturday, January 10, 2009


1st half Under 17.5 ( win 1 unit)
Titans 2nd half ( lose 1 unit)
1st half UNDER 24.5 Panthers/Cards

I still feel like the Titans were the right 2nd half play.
Chris Johnson getting hurt ( if he plays they win), Kearse got hurt and missed some time, Haynesworth got hurt. The penalties, the NON call when Flacco ran the play about 2 seconds after the clock was on 0. The freaking prayer throw Flacco made into double coverage, the Crumpler fumble, all the redzone turnovers for the Titans are very disappointing for their fans.

I am also getting sick of all the praise for Joe Flacco. The guy completed a hand full of passes and they talk about HIM winning 2 road games as a rookie blah blah blah. His defense didn't have anything to do with it? He's one of the worst starting qb's in the league.

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