Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playoffs week 2

Ravens/Titans First half Under 17.5 WIN 1 unit
Titans 2nd half -3 LOSE 1 unit
Cards/Panthers 1st half UNDER 24.5 LOSE 1 unit
Panthers 2nd half -9 LOSE 1 unit.
New York Giants ML 2 units to win 1 unit.

Yesterday was a 2 unit loser. I still feel the Titans 2nd half was the play but injuries, A lucky Flacco deep ball into double coverage, a blantant non delay of game call, and red zone turnovers killed the Titans. That Cardinals game suprised everybody and Jake Delhomme choaked big time. Even in the second half they didn't mount any kind of a come back and I thought they'd fight back some.

I do think the Giants game should be close, I don't want to bet Philly +4 because I think the Giants do win. Maybe I will add something at halftime.

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