Monday, September 14, 2009

New England game

Looks like as long as San Diego beats the Faders...

I went to look at my teaser and I realized it heavily depends what book you place your teaser at. I placed it in the morning at -11 ( I was scared the line would run up and it did) so I got the Patriots at -1. Now very often a Push on any of your 3 games equals a loss. Who would have expected the Pats to win by 1 but I found the official rules for my book...

Football Teaser Payoffs
( * Up to 8 teams. 2 teasers push/win = no action, push/loss = loss. 3-8 teasers push/wins revert to next lowest payout.)

So to me that is a 3 team teaser, a Push/Win/Win would revert to a pay out for the next lowest payout ( a 2 team teaser). The other book I use would have already been marked a loss.

Go SD Chargers!

PS right now I see the Redskins -10 Packers -9 for next week in a two team teaser as long as I can get those numbers to -3 and -2. I like those two teams in week 2.

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