Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Notes from the this week and last week

- Tampa starts the game with only 7 in the box, and Brandon Jacobs rips off a 5 yard run and then a 4 yard run. Last week Dallas had 8 in the box and Eli hit the WR's over top on play action. Pick your poison.
- Byron Leftwhich was picked on his 1st throw that was a total prayer in the face of pressure.
- Mario Manningham drops a 1st down.
- Kevin Boss drops a 3rd and 7 that would have been a first down.
- 6:26 in the first half, The Giants have 11 first downs while Tampa has 0.
- The Bucs didn't get their first first down until 4:23 in the 3rd quarter when the Giants already had 18 first downs! Can you say domination?


- I still can't believe Jim Zorn on the Jim Zorn show Saturday said the Lions were a "good team". When the interviewer did a double take, he said they had good players, but just had not found their rhythm yet. Really? I know you are supposed to be humble to your opponents, but was that really the correct choice words? Couldn't you say they were underrated, or better than their record or look better this year? Why'd you have to say the 0-19 team is "good"?

- The Redskins fail on a 4th and goal at the start of the game, and then Detroit moves the ball 99 yards to take a commanding 7-0 lead. As early as it was, it was a momentum changing event.
- 3rd and 20 from the Redskins 40 in the 4th Q, Jason Campbell throws a 2 yard check down. Was he even trying? I mean if he threw a 40 yard pass you have a number of outcomes. A pick ( which is like a punt), a catch, or maybe even a PI. Throwing a 2 yard check down won't get you the 1st, and the extra yards won't really help your punter. This guy is mortally fearful of the turnover.
- 3rd and 5 in the 4th Q, Campbell throws a 0 yard pass where Moss picks up about a yard or two. I mean, what the hell is this guy thinking? The Redskins are complaining that they want a face mask call, but shouldn't you be more mad at yourselves than the Refs in a bailout call? You didn't do what's right and now your complaining for a penalty that really had nothing to do with the play. It's sad.
- After the Game on Football night in America they asked Rodney Harrison what's the problem with the Washington Redskins .... " It's Jason Campbell, he's a backup Quarterback and I don't know why the start him. No defense fears him, no defense has to try and game plan to stop him".
- In reality Campbell probably had his best statistical game ever with 340 yards and 65% completions... A lot of his yards were semi garbage on the last two drives as the Lions were playing back to protect their lead. His team only had 14 points and he lost to a historically bad football team, but hey, his stats looked good!

- Seattle looks goofy wearing the Fubu jerseys.
- Cutler jaws at Don Carey after getting hit in the back on a no roughing the QB was called. Cutler is a hot head no doubt, jawwing at Refs, jawing at D-lineman, and of course what happened in Denver...
- David "heater" Hawthorne had a pick, 8 tackles in the 1st half and a Forced Fumble and Fumble Recovery at the goal line that was called back. I think he played real well in his first NFL start. I think Seattle has the best LB core in the NFC when you look at starters plus depth.
- It was a bad call as it was inconclusive in my opinion and Charles Davis wasn't even analyizing the call. After a while he repeated the rule " a shin down counts as down", but he didn't even attempt to break down the play.

Week 2 left overs
- 3rd and 9, Jason Campbell throws a 2 yard check down, that's great for stats, but horrible for winning games.
- The Redskins goal line offense fails again.
- Redskins are 0/2 in the Red Zone, Campbell can't score, the score is 6-0 instead of 14-0.
- The Redskins had twice as many yards as the Rams in the 1st half, but are losing due to poor Red Zone offense.
- Campbell was almost sacked in the End Zone for a safety, the fans booed.
- Team jeers the Redskins after an ugly win against a 2-14 team.

- Pats offense working like clock work early
- Sanchez 1st play was a throw, they open it up for him but almost a disaster with a fumble that was recovered.
- Early fumble kills the Jets, I think the Pats got a cheap call but their was no visual evidence to reverse the call.
- Bart Scott called with a "phantom" kick.. terrible angle and call from the Ref
- Brady has been off, a missed TD, Galloway drops a short pass.

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