Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 1 notes

Week 1 Notes

ESPN Pregame:
- Keyshaun Johnson said that Bill Parcells took the TV's out of the training room lowered the temperature when he was a player. This was a dis-incentive to keep players out of the training room injured. The Dolphins last year stayed a lot more healthy than the Fins of 2 years ago.
- Tom Jackson said Dan Reeves made the team go to Burger King and order food instead of their usual meals to show that what was going to happen if they kept losing.

- Great coverage on deep ball by Quinten Mickel.
- Panthers bailed out with 1st down on a bad penalty call.
- 4th and 1 from 2, J. Fox goes for it and gets the 1st with J. Stewart.
- Carolina gets 2 penalties in a row at the Goal line to get 1st and goal from the 10 instead of the 1. Then Deangelo Williams rips off a 10 yard run when Q. Mickel fails to contain the edge.
- Mcnabb nice 18 yard conversion on 3rd down to Jason Avant.
- Sheldon Brown has an amazing interception on a deflected pass.
- Desean Jackson has an 85 yard punt return TD that looked easy, he high stepped the last 20 or so yards. Then Jackson has a stupid celebration penalty on the Brent Celeck TD.

- The Saints made scoring look too easy on the opening drive.
- Long TD to Meachem, Saints look to cover the big spread in the first 5 min.
- I'm still impressed by #21 Aaron Brown the Lions backup RB.
- D. Henderson catches and 11 yard gain on 3rd and 14 because he ran backwards which fails to convert.
- D. Northcut long punt return TD in a play where it appears everybody thought he was going to fair catch it.
- Brees under throws a Thomas flea flicker, which was picked by Anthony Henry, it was about the only mistake Brees made in a 6 TD game.
- Horrible call on Darren Sharper fore arm to the face mask ( where), which gift wrapped Detroit a free TD with a new set of downs. Sedrick Ellis gets a fumble the next play, called back.
- The Lions didn't play as good as the scoreboard says. Matt Stafford did NOT look good, 3 INT's, under 50% comp pct. The reason why I bet on the Saints was a fade of Stafford. If Pepper started I wouldn't have taken the Saints. The funny thing is the "over" looked good for me earlier in the year but I didn't take it and the Saints almost got it themselves.

- The cowboys -2.5 was one bet I was looking at in Vegas 2 months ago but when Byron Leftwhich was announced as the starter the line pushed up. I didn't want to take a 5 or 6 point line so I teased it with another favorite pick, Seattle.
- Byron Leftwhich misses a wide open Derrick Ward.
- Sabby Piscatelli makes a huge mental error, hits the punter on 4th down which results in a new set of downs.
- Witten beats Piscatelli for a nice 20 yard catch on 3rd down.
- Romo looks inaccurate early on in the game, a bad miss to Miles Austin.
- Flozell Adams with a penalty, he was the most penalized player in the NFL in the last few seasons.
- Tampa returns punt to the 1 yard line.
- Byron a horrible throw on 3rd down.
- Byron still throwing 3 yard passes on 3rd and 5. It's the same Byron but with a new uniform.
- 3rd and 9 Byron throws a 2 yard pass to J. Stevens.
- Hatcher destorys Byron on a 4th Q throw, Byron the punching bag is limping around.
- 3rd and 7 Byron throws a 1 yard throw, he looks exhausted. then Kellen Winslow drops a 4th down pass.

- (didn't see it but saw the stats), Baltimore dominated the 1st half but had a blocked punt, missed FG, and were against B. Croyle.
- Flacco almost a pick 6, the ball was taken all the way to the 6 yard line.
- 50 yard pass from B. Croyle to M. Clayton, no push off?
- Croyle fumble, call overturned, it was a good call to overturn it.
- Balt, over 500 yards in offense, woah!

Switched to see the end of the Den/Cincy game
- Brandon Stokley with the awareness to catch a deflected pass and take it the length of the field ( and shave off time) to give the Broncos the win. Good Bye Marvin Lewis.

- Run Bradshaw on 3rd and short? Don't the Giants have a 265 pound man child perfect for short yardage?
- Portis looks like he gained weight.
- 3rd and 18, J. Campbell is obviously running a screen ( can't let him take his chances in the passing game, gotta do something conservative).
- Manning with a nice 17 yard throw on 3rd down to Steve Smith.
- Huge cheap shot by Santana Moss to Corey Webster that breaks out into a fight. Moss the midget was mad that he was being blocked and lost his composure by hitting Websters face mask, Webster threw his helmet off Mosses helmet and threw the smaller Moss to the ground.
- 3rd & 9 from the 2 yard line, of course Jim Zorn won't let JC throw, he didn't throw a real pass in the entire 1st Quarter ( non screen pass/dump off).
- H. Nicks drops an easy ball close to the goal line.
- Manning audibles on 3rd & 9, hits Mario Manningham on a quick throw who then jukes out fred smoot and D. Hall for a 30 yard TD.
- J Campbell throws the ball past the Los, but it was intercepted by C. Webster anyway, he looks bad out there.
- Eli face masked on a sack/fumble, no call.
- Play action on 1st down, J Campbell terribly over throws the WR so much that the DB was in better position and even HE didn't make the play. Campbell has a strong arm but isn't accurate on deep balls. People say that since he has a strong arm, he should throw down field more often, but he isn't accurate in those throws.
- 3rd and 8, Campbell hands the ball off for a 1 yard loss?
- Eli had a deflected pass picked off on a blitz play. He should have thrown the ball earlier and Laundry hit his WR on impact but it's hard to 100% fault manning.
- Jason Campbell with some bad clock management.
- Redskins/Campbell get some yards and their 1st offensive TD in garbage time. Campbell's stats don't look that bad because he didn't take risk. The announcers love to talk about how he didn't throw a pick early last year, but he was no risk/no reward. Zorn coddled him. I mean, what they also fail to mention is that he threw 13 TD passes all last year for the 5th worst scoring offense too! Drew Brees threw 6 TD passes in one game alone!

Overall the Redskins D looked really good. The Giants have a strong run attack and they were constantly trying to convert 3rd and 8's, 3rd and 7's. Unlucky for them Eli was 4/4 early on converting them, but Washington's defense looked strong. London Fletcher played a good game, Haynesworth helped control the middle of the D-Line. The Redskins offense should be able to run better against easier defenses. They could shut out the Rams next week IMO.

- The Giants are running the Titans model of offense. Run the ball, timely completions, the Titans were 13-3 in the AFC last year without a "dominant WR". The Giants are smart and will make it work. It would be nice to have that big play WR, but if everybody is on the same page, Eli can make it work.

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