Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week 4

Week 4
Giants -2/Bears -3 ( 3 units) WIN
Cowboys -3 ( 1 unit) LOSS
Crazy 8 team teaser (.25 units) LOSS
Redskins -.5 1st Quarter (.5 units) LOSS
Lions +7 2nd half Hedge ( 1 unit) LOSS

So far at + .25 units with 1 remaining wager

Green Bay Packers +4 ( 1 unit).

I kept it light this week after +4 units last week and got ALMOST everything right but the Cowgirls screwed me. Early on I leaned Pats, Saints, Titans ( yikes) and don't feel like I profited like I should have this week. Here are so notes.

- KC Jamal Charles fumbles the opening kick off, yikes!
- KC rushes 3 at Eli Manning who has forever, he has about 7 seconds before he scrambles and finds Steve Smith for a 6 yard gain on 3rd and 5.
- Giants score on the opening drive 4 games in a row
- Tamba Hali beats Dave Diehl around the edge for an amazing strip/sack.
- The camera man obviously zooms in on the chest of the chiefs cheerleader as she's riding the horse.
- Sinorice Moss calls fair catches on consecutive punts/kick offs and they both look like they could have been returned if he were more aggressive.
- Mario Manningham drops a ball that hits him right in the numbers.
- The Giants benefit from a bad call on a clean hit by Jared Paige on Steve Smith. There was no helmet to helmet but the refs called it and on the next play Steve Smith beats the Chiefs over top for a TD. It looks like the Refs gave them a "my bad" after they saw the replay.
- Hakeem Nicks scores a long touch down on his first NFL reception on a screen.

Dallas @ Denver
- On Dallas's first pass, Flozel Adams gets whipped.
- Gerald Sensabaugh drops what should be an Orton INT.
- Marion Barber bulldozes into the end zone for the cowboys TD.
- Bradie James is playing well and has his 9th sack in 14 games, good for a mlb!
- 3rd and 1 foot the cowboys stop Denver ( short loss), then on 4th and 1 they stuff K. Moreano for the 2nd time in a row.
- Denver tries to down a punt at the 1, Crayton picks the ball up and runs it back but they say the ball touched the line. It did but why didn't they try and call that earlier?
- The cowboys offense did nothing in the 2nd half.
- Brandon Marshal beats Terrance Newman on a basically jump ball, then beats about 5 cowboy defenders down the field for the game winning TD.
- Dallas marches back down the field, on the 2nd to last play it was a border line pass interference on Champ Bailey with his hand on Sam Hurds hip.
- The last play though certainly should have been DPI as the Denver defender was all over the Cowboy pass catcher.
- All in all though, Denver's defense looks much much better than last year.

- Jay Cutler with an amazing 5 yard TD run highlighted by a helicopter swirl into the end zone.
- Johny Knox drops a ball with 8 seconds left to try and get into field goal range at the end of the 1st half.
- Carlos Rogers drops an easy INT in the Redskins game.
- Mark Sanchez gets picked by the ball hawk Darren Sharper on the road, then throws himself into Jonathan Vilma for the personal foul.

Special Olympics.

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