Sunday, November 15, 2009

2nd half play


Minnesota Vikings -7.5 (1 unit)

They can run the ball, protect the league and keep the other teams rookie QB at bay to win by more than 14.

- I considered adding the Saints 2nd half over, but I'd rather get it at 24 than 24.5
- I considered adding Denver 2nd half "pick em" to win by 3, but the line moved to .5 and I'm not as comfortable at for them to win by 3.5
- I'm watching the Carolina game, and I do think they win, but I don't like only getting +3 for the 2nd half. I think this game goes under 21.5 in the 2nd half, but I took Minnesota -7.5 instead. Turner is hurt, but so is Steve Smith and Jordan Gross.

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