Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday plays

Last week was 2-2
I felt like I got some bad breaks in Philly & NY.

This week
TEASE: Pittsburgh -.5, Arizona -2.5
ATS: Eagles +1

I don't know if I'd play Pitt & Arizona ATS, but I really like them both just to win. The Eagles also are better than SD.

Ideally Pittsburgh wins at 1PM. At that point I'd even consider taking some off of Philly but if Pittsburgh losses at 1PM, I'd probably buy a teaser with Arizona -2.5, and Philly +8. I like Philly plus 8, but I'm really hoping Pitt wins at 1PM, so 4pm will have more action.

If Pitt wins at 1PM
I'd have Arizona -2.5 to win 2.5 units
I'd have Philly +1 to win 2.5 units
I'd like to think I'd at worst go 1-1, but probably 2-0.

If Pitt losses at 1PM
I'd sell my Philly +1, maybe even buy a "pick em" at Beted
Then I'd tease Arizona -2.5 to Philly +8
I'd hope to win that tease and break even ( I really think it would work).

That's the game plan anyway.

I'll see how the other games go as well for halftime bets etc. I'd also consider Indy in the night game, and I'd consider actually going against GB as a hedge for my GB season long 9 game win total. I should have faded them against Minny 2 weeks ago as a hedge but I let it ride.

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