Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey day picks

Last week was a great week.

Green Bay Packers -7 1st half(1 unit)
New York Giants -.5 teased with Eagles -3 ( 1 unit)

The Packers have a quarterback, and they can score. GB seems to get to leads, and then piss them away in the second half ( like last week). The Lions defense is piss poor and they were even lit up by an anemic Browns defense that I had doubts could move the ball against a college team. Every year the Lions suck, and every year people say " yeah, but I expect them to play hard on National TV". I think it was last year or two years ago they played the Titans and were comically destroyed as betting on the Titans was easy money.

The Giants game might be hard, I don't know that I'd take them without the tease, but I do expect them to get the W. The Eagles are playing the Redskins and should easily be able to beat them by 3 at home.

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