Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 16 add

Week 14 was great finishing plus 13.5 units.
Week 15 started out losing 3.5 units ( thanks saints), and had some other close losses, but unless the Giants collapse I'll finish plus .5 units). It's always good to finish positive. The Giants/Eagles and to a degree the Patriots were my plays, but I got suckered into the Saints ( I initially leaned Dallas), but Demarcus Ware played despite snapping his neck. If Demarcus Ware didn't play ( I expected him NOT to play), no way Dallas wins that game as he wreaked havoic on the Saints offense. I also had a stupid loss with the Vikings losing to a minor league baseball player at QB. I should have stuck to my good bets, and ignored the marginal bets.

Week 16 early play

6 point Teaser: Indianapolis Colts +.5, Eagles -1 ( 1 unit)

It wouldn't shock me to see the Colts, Eagles and even Patriots lines move the other way.

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