Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playoffs week 2

Got toasted last week.

Start me off with Arizona +7 ( 1 unit)

I'd love to have a low scoring 1st half and pound the 2nd half over... To me it isn't even just about the Saints losing their last 3 games, the game before that was a FG win over a Chris Redman Falcons team, the game before that was a 3 point win against the Deadskins. That's 5 weeks of weak play in a row.

I do think the Saints probably win but I'd like to buy back at halftime with a decent start from the Cards...

The thing I like is that if the Cards fall behind and it turns into a 1 dimensional game, Warner will be about the least effected QB in the league because he's USED to that and he played a perfect game last week. Warner has made his lunch playing well in the playoffs...

I'll take the live dog +7 for now...

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